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Small effort to verify the point of large investments

Validate your idea

Create a solution with us and test it right away to see if it’s worth investing in!

Get a quick estimate

We will jointly create a list of functionalities needed at the start, and we’ll estimate the required amount of work.

Get ready to deploy

After identifying the MVP, creating an MVP, and getting a preliminary prototype, you can proceed to putting your idea info effect.

Design Sprint — key information


The participants of a Design Sprint are: a Usability Lab team (comprising a UX Designer, a UI Designer, and supported by e.g. a developer from RST Software Masters in larger projects), and your team of 3 to 5 people (a Product Owner and other shareholders, e.g. from Marketing, Sales, technical staff, a target user, etc.)


How long does it last?

Design Sprint takes 5 days spread across up to 10 working days. During the initial 2 days, we’re run an interdisciplinary workshop with your team in order to learn more about the requirements. Over the next 3 days, we do our job – prototyping, tests, creating a list of functionalities and an estimate. On the final day, we’ll give you a set of materials created.


At the end of Design Sprint, you will receive:

  • a list of functionalities (divided into the MVP and subsequent stages) inspired by workshops and based on a prototype;
  • a preliminary development estimate;
  • a clickable UX mockup with a visualisation of the key user flow identified during the workshops (usage scenario);
  • a layout of a selected screen with a UI proposal, and a basic demonstration of the design system;
  • digitised workshop content (i.a. long-term objectives, threats to the project, proto-personas).

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