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Ensure great looks and usability of your product

Make your product look great

Convince users to use your product from the very first sight.

See how people will react to your product

Finished layouts can be tested with users in order to evaluate their visual layer and usability.

Optimise development works

UI designer will provide developers with a set of graphic materials and specification for development, which significantly shortens deployment time.

UI design — key information

What is UI design?

Simply put, it’s a branch of design focused on user interfaces. But what’s a user interface? Graphical User Interface (GUI), or User Interface (UI) in short, is a “space” for communication between the human and the machine. This can be a display of your monitor or mobile device, a control panel of your washing machine, a dashboard in your car, or push buttons in a lift.


Why would you need UI design?

Interface design is a graphical visualisation of the space for users to navigate in order to satisfy their needs. The better the design of this space, the higher the user satisfaction connected with your product. It’s not just about an appealing look. UI design must be accompanied by attention paid to the UX (User Experience), so that the final product will not only be visually appealing, but also useful and comfortable to use.


How long does UI design take?

Depending on the complexity and scope of the project, UI design can take from a few days up to a few months. Initial views, used for defining the look and feel of the product, are usually available fast, and any further work depends on actual requirements of each project. Due to agile approach to development, these works can be realised simultaneously to development, which shortens time-to-market.


We deliver:

  • key UI screens (layouts) selected with the client;
  • a style guide or a design system, i.e. a set of guidelines regarding the creation and use of UI elements, such as fonts, colours, icons, buttons, controls, tables, modals, etc.;
  • development specifications, to provide developers with access to any sizes, styles, assets, and contents for a specific view, layout, or component;
  • optionally an interactive prototype built from clickable layouts, which looks and works just like the final interface.

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