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Include a UX designer into your design deployment

Combine usability with quickness of deployment

UX designer together with developers will select solutions that are both user-friendly and easy to deploy

Test the product under development

The designer verifies the design against UX assumptions, and conducts user tests

Visualise your ideas with UX mockups

Together with a UX designer, you work in advance on new functionalities and optimisation of the existing functionalities, visualising them on-the-go

UX designer as a part of a scrum team — key information

Why would I need a UX designer at the production stage?

A common mistake in project management is to limit the role of a UX designer mainly to the initial stage of the entire process. Their knowledge is used while collecting requirements, creating a list of necessary functionalities, and creating UX mockups, but they are left out at the development stage.

Yet, usually the project evolves during development, and it turns out that new requirements emerge or some shortcomings are revealed. In such cases, all the work, including conceptual work, has to be done by developers, who despite some experience and best intentions are not experts in the field of user experience.


Cooperation model

UX designers’ involvement can be changed during projects, as they usually need to fully participate at the initial stage, and their workload decreases later on. Due to that, we offer a flexible cooperation model and the ability to engage UX designers for a predefined (and modifiable) amount of hours.

Normally, our experts work within RST Software Masters development teams, but a UX designer can also join your project team.

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