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Optimise and boost sales

Verify your hypothesis

Have a feeling that your product could work better, but you don’t know what to change and how to do it? Gain this knowledge with a UX audit.

Get quick feedback

You can get UX audit results as early as several days after the audit — and start improving things immediately.

Increase user conversion and satisfaction

Recommended changes will benefit both you and the customers.

UX audit — key information

Here’s what we check during a UX audit:

  • compliance with ISO standards and good user experience practices;
  • clarity of your messages, communication, Call-To-Action;
  • visual ergonomics of your UI (contrast, fonts, size of control elements);
  • speed and convenience of performing the basic function of your product or service;
  • basic engagement and conversion metrics, looking for areas to optimise (Google Analytics, HotJar).


We deliver:

  1. A transparent, legible and comprehensive report with audit findings, screenshots showing areas to optimise and our recommendations on how you should improve them. Areas to improve are marked according to their severity.
  2. A summary list of all issues found, arranged by priority (from critical to cosmetic). This list will facilitate your implementation of changes down the line.
  3. The opportunity to conduct workshops, during which we’ll present our key findings from the audit and answer any questions you may have.

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