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Build an optimal design at low cost

Quickly make your vision a reality

UX mockups are created earlier and cost significantly less that the actual product, while providing a good representation of the final outcome.

Conduct user tests

Clickable prototypes are a great way to learn what users think about your product and how they will use it.

Save on changes

Usability optimization using UX mockups is pure profit in comparison with expensive fixes at the development stage.

UX mockups — key information

What are UX mockups?

UX mockups are b&w prototypes of a designed solution, with no graphics or connections to database, but already presenting target texts, information layout, or operation mechanism. They are an interactive representation of your idea, and oftentimes they’re so realistic that end-users think of them as an actual system. Thanks to that, UX mockups can be used for project verification with actual users, both in terms of the value of the business concept and its realisation.


Why would you need them?

The development stage of a digital product usually takes a few months. Therefore, you should be well-prepared in order to avoid costly changes and fixes at the coding stage.

Optimised on the basis of conducted tests, UX mockups are a perfect foundation for creating target views (UI Design) and specifications for developers.


Our offer

We provide a clickable UX mockup built in Axure RP or Adobe XD, tested with users, allowing you to examine basic user flows.

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