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Take care of user experience. It’s worth the effort.

Boost your sales, lower your churn rate 

Retain and generate loyal customers by better understanding their needs

Save on coding

Optimise your product at the mock-up stage — fix UX issues before writing a single line of code

Test your competition

Learn from their mistakes and look for inspiration to develop your product

User tests — key information

We test:

  •  desktop and mobile websites;
  • app and system front-ends;
  • app and system mock-ups and prototypes.


We can perform our tests:

  •  Directly (at our office or on client’s premises)

Face-to-face user tests can be performed at our office in Wroclaw, at customer’s office, or at a cafeteria or user’s workplace.

This direct contact lets us establish a closer relationship with respondents, which sets the stage for gaining valuable insights, more accurate results and better findings.


  • Remotely

Remote tests are performed online on Google Hangouts — we call the respondent and ask them to share their screen. The meetings are moderated just like face-to-face meetings.

Remote tests are easier to set up, especially when a target group is hard to reach. These tests let you pinpoint the most important UX issues.


We deliver:

  • the opportunity to watch and listen to meetings with users live (streaming on Google Hangouts);
  • recordings of every session;
  • a report listing problems and recommended solutions, arranged by priority;

the ability to conduct workshops with your Team to show them test results.

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