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Day 1: Goal

Product Vision Workshop

We met with our stakeholders and leaders of the entities from the RST Group, and during a Product Vision workshop we together identified priorities and goals our new website should meet, as well as values it should represent.

Day 3 & 4: Drafts & style guide

Lo-fi mockups

We took the outcomes of the workshop to our studio and began the design work. The first stage was the low fidelity mockups aimed at detailed organisation of information and selecting the right methods of presentation.

Day 6: Tests

Look & feel

Review is always stressful. The ordering party, people engaged in the project, designers, and potential recipients were all asked to assess our prototype. Their feedback was supposed to tell us if we managed to meet our goals, whether the product satisfies their needs, and simply if they like it.

Day 7: Development

Dev spec

We were able to trumpet our success, we got the approval, so now’s the time to hand the specs over to developers. The work’s not done yet though, as being a member of the scrum team, the designer actively participates in the creation process, monitors, provides help, and tests the product before it goes into production.

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